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                          Quarterback Peyton Manning's whirlwind free-agent tour has ended with the four-time NFL MVP instructing his agent to work out a contract with the Denver Broncos.

                          The sides had discussed the parameters of a five-year, $95 million contract during their initial meeting March 9, according to ESPN, and a finalized deal is believed to be mostly a formality.

                          Released by Indianapolis on March 7 after 14 seasons with the Colts, Manning worked out for the Broncos, Titans and 49ers as he narrowed his potential destinations to those three teams. He had previously told the Dolphins, Cardinals and Seahawks, among others, that he would not be joining their franchises.

                          Manning is still working to regain his full arm strength as the nerves in his neck regenerate, but he did pass physicals from all three of the final teams he was considering, according to ESPN. He is expected to begin working out at the Broncos' facilities.